Bobb Biehl, an executive mentor said, “If you ask profound questions, you get profound answers! If you ask shallow questions, you get shallow answers! If you ask no questions, you get no answers at all!” Questions are essential tools for life. They not only help us think and focus on what is important, but also provide time and space for listening to God. Great questions can often help us get proper perspectives in life. Here are ten of my favorite questions that help me as a leader.

  1. What five things are you thankful for today?
  2. Who can you encourage? How?
  3. Are you carrying any burdens that you should be giving to God?
  4. Is your family getting time with you when you are at your best?
  5. When was the last time you had fun?
  6. If it were ten years from now, what would you say to yourself today?
  7. Where are you trusting or not trusting God right now?
  8. If I could only do 3 things in my lifetime, what would they be?
  9. What is your single greatest strength? 
  10. What three decisions are causing you the greatest stress?

What are some of yours? Email me your questions at