Pastor Mark Dever said, “All the statistics seem to point to our age being an age of ‘commitment-phobia.’” So it appears that church membership is somewhat counter-cultural. However, church membership is important for the life of the church. February will be “Membership Month” at The Well, where we will be offering several membership and (re)membership classes. Whether you have already been through a membership class or not, if you consider The Well as your home church, I encourage you to attend one of the membership classes. Why does membership matter so much? It’s because the church is its members. When you read through the Book of Acts, you’ll see that to be a church is to be one of its members. Jonathan Leeman states, “We are obligated to choose a local church just as we are obligated to choose Christ. Having chosen Christ, a Christian has no choice but to choose a church to join.”  Membership at The Well is all about The Well taking specific responsibility for you, and you for The Well. Dever notes that joining a church is “an outward reflection of an inward love – for Christ and for his people.” As members of The Well, let us link arms with one another and work towards making God’s love for the world visible.