Concerning fasting John Calvin said, “Let us, therefore, say something about fasting, since very many, while they do not understand how useful it is, regard it as not very necessary; others … completely reject it.” Today, Palm Sunday, is the beginning of Holy Week. As announced last week, we will be fasting as a church during Holy Week. Dallas Willard said that fasting is feasting on God’s Word. It is true that many Christians today never or rarely fast. However, the Bible clearly indicates that believers should fast. In Matthew 6:16, Jesus teaches, “When you fast…” not “if you fast…” When we fast, we are confirming our total dependence on God. We learn that we do not live on bread alone, but by the words the proceed from the mouth of God. There are several ways we can fast as a church. We can signup to fast a meal or two during the week, or pick one day to fast all three meals. Please note that fasting is not about just skipping a meal or two to impress God or gain favor from God. It’s about feasting on God’s Word. So, as you are fasting, I encourage you to read scripture and pray. Enjoy his presence in a new way and see and hear from God. This Holy Week, let us seek Him and His Kingdom.