In just one week three tragic events took place in Orlando, Florida. Early Sunday morning, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history took place at a gay club by a gunman who took 49 lives. A day before the rampage, singer Christina Grimmie was shot dead following a concert. And a few days later, a 2-year-old boy was killed by an alligator at a Disney resort. Our response should be one of prayer -- prayer for all those who have lost loved ones. Despite these tragedies, I wanted to share some other news that you might have missed. Chick-fil-A, a Christian fast food chain known for being closed on Sundays, opened last Sunday to bring free chicken sandwiches to Orlando residents, who were donating blood for the victims of the shooting. Often criticized for their commitment to traditional marriage and their sabbatarian business model, this simple act of compassion is not only newsworthy, but quite shocking. However, the media, who is often quick to criticize their marriage view, remained silent. Chick-fil-A did not show compassion to be in the news, but they did it out of their love for Christ and their neighbors. They "worked" on Sunday to show compassion. I believe that God is challenging us to show compassion to our neighbors as well. Let us open our eyes, break tradition, and show the love of Christ to all. It begins with us answering the question, "Who is my neighbor in need?" The Well Church, let us observe the greatest commandment by loving them (Mark 12:28-31).