I’m really excited about the upcoming Bible Study that will be taking place on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm. As announced, we will be studying the Book of James. The great theologian Martin Luther once said that the Book of James was an “epistle of straw,” meaning that it was going to burn like a pile of straw on the Day of Judgment. Luther did not like the book because of what James said about faith and works. Luther’s protestant movement began with the “salvation by faith alone” doctrine so one can understand how the Book of James can be objectionable to him. However, that is not what the Book of James is about. Just as you can determine a tree by its fruits, “good works” are fruit of those who live by faith. We are not merely to be hearers of the word, but doers. Evidence of true faith is loving service to others (James 2:14-26). As we explore James, we will see that “good works are the necessary and inevitable demonstration that the faith we process is genuine” (The Reformation Study Bible, p. 2224). There are other teachings in the Book of James. The most important themes in the book is perseverance in the midst of trials, something that many of us are experiencing today. As believers, we are called to sharpen each other. One way we can do this is by studying God’s Word together. Join us for the next six weeks as we study the Book of James.