Although it was a cold Saturday in January 2014, the inside of the church was warm with people excited to witness a marriage between two young adults in love. It is always a great joy for a pastor to officiate a wedding between two lovebirds. It was a long day coming — months of dating, the engagement, and several premarital counseling sessions took place before the big day. Mark was beaming with joy and Patricia was stunning in her white gown. During the ceremony I reminded Mark that he was careful, faithful, and loyal. Those three words truly did sum him up. Not only was he a faithful follower of Christ, he also served his country as a Marine. In our talks, I knew that he loved Jesus, his wife, and his country. This Monday, the national news reported that a Marine aircraft KC-130T crashed in Mississippi and everyone on board was killed. Mark was on that plane. He leaves behind his wife and three children, Wyatt, Abby, and Lewis. I spent a morning with his wife this week. In our short time together, we remembered the life of this remarkable man. She said, “One thing that encourages me is knowing where he is today.” Anyone who knew Mark knows that he is in the arms of Jesus. Brothers and sisters of The Well Church, I ask that you pray for the families who lost a loved one on Monday. I also ask that you examine your heart. Life is short and unpredictable. Place your trust in Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of your faith. May you hear from the LORD, “I am your salvation.”