Psalm 119:11 “I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.”

As we are starting a new bible reading program, I was asked for some tools on how to read the bible. Here is one I introduced to The Well a few years ago. When reading the Bible and meditating on it each day, ask the following:

GOD Who is God?  What are his attributes?  What are you learning more about God from this passage?  What are some of God’s invisible qualities that the passage is revealing?

GUILT How does this passage reveal about the human heart?  How does sin operate in our lives?  How does this passage show the fallen condition of humanity?

GRACE How does God show his love, mercy, compassion, and so on?  How does this passage help you to understand the Cross of Calvary better (i.e. the necessity of the cross, the substitutionary death of the Christ, and etc.)?

GOSPEL How does this passage help you to understand the Redemptive Work of the Christ?  How is the guilt that you discovered in this passage dealt with?

GRATITUDE How does this passage help you to give thanks to God?

Always end the daily quiet time with the prayer of gratitude. Write out the prayer in your journal. Write down any insights or prayers that you might have as a result of reading the passage. Write down any questions you might have.

Watch how you grow in the Grace and the Knowledge of God!